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Mircea & Parners – Our Identity

Mircea & Associates is a law company which adds its own distinct touch on the Romanian legal market.

The company’s lawyers hold large experience in both business law, as well as and in litigious and administrative procedures.

As opposed to the general Romanian legal market trend of transforming law companies in true ‘law supermarkets’ – MIRCEA & ASSOCIATES bets and shall always bet on professional interest and high-quality professional services.

What we aim to.
What makes us different from other law companies:

  • SCA MIRCEA&ASSOCIATES is a medium-size law company on the Romanian market.
    Quality to us is to avoid redundant reply and automatic approach to customer demand. We do not simply provide legal advice but Solutions to the problems faced by our clients
  • MIRCEA & ASSOCIATES understands that each customer is unique and conveys its own targets and business approach.
  • Driven by the principle ‘Prevention is the Best Protection’, our aim is to hold customers harmless against legal issues, which is by far more effective than providing support in dealing with an already existing problem. We are always striving to bringing added value to our clients and not to provide the regular services that others do.
  • The clients of Mircea& Associates are all private foreign-capital companies forming part of transnational groups active in various economic sectors, from the pharmaceutical industry through the financial-banking and real estate sector to the industry of entertainment.

    In all cases, our lawyers are familiar with the economic issues in the client’s business sector and are clued up on the statutory regulations applicable in the related field.

    Mircea & Associates provides the kind of services, and particularly the procedure which gives it a competitive edge over other law companies on the market.  We mainly focus on the perfect communication with the client, quick response and attention to detail.

  • The fees applied by Mircea&Associates are calculated upon both hourly and fixed rates and are anticipated before initiating each project against the estimated volume of work.

    Our clients which provide us constant work and for longer periods –i.e. for 6 months at least – benefit of discounts and free extra services.

    The most important is that our client shall always have full control over costs and shall only pay for the legal advice services that have been actually delivered for a period based on the documents submitted to its approval.