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Legal Services

  • Competition Law

    • Antitrust Law: merger approval, assistance during investigations and dawn-raids, audit, competition compliance programs (including screening and active monitoring of the client – Legal Guard®), specialized training (The Competition Professionals®), CoReg360.
    • Unfair competition law.
    • State aid assessment.
    • National security clearance for acquisitions of companies.

    Mircea and Partners has one of the best teams of legal experts in the competition law in Romania, headed by Mr. Valentin Mircea, a highly regarded scholar, who used to be Vice-President of the Romanian Competition Authority for almost 5 years and who is also the main author of the current Romanian Competition Law and of the secondary legislation issued by the authority. Mr. Mircea holds a PhD in competition law and is author of several books and articles in the area of competition, communications, retail and energy.

  • Corporate Law and M&A

    • Contract drafting.
    • Regulatory matters.
    • Company incorporation and restructuring.

    Mergers and acquisitions work represent a significant proportion of our activity. Our corporate lawyers are experienced in mergers and acquisitions, specializing in large, complex national and cross-border transactions.
    We have particular expertise in the formation and acquisition of companies, advising on licenses requirements, regulatory compliance.
    Our M&A clients include large international corporations in the energy and manufacturing sectors.

  • Energy Law

    • Legal, economic and regulatory advice.
    • Due-diligence reviews for new power plants.
    • Regulatory matters.

    The energy law team includes lawyers and engineers qualified in energy matters.

  • Healthcare and Pharma Law

    Mircea and Partners can provide legal assistance in a sector which is characterized by the complexity of the business and by the sheer number of regulations, applicable to almost every segment of this business. The healthcare and pharma team is made of lawyers, medicine doctors and pharmacists.

  • Employment Law

    The assistance in employment matters is a specialization with a long tradition at Mircea & Partners. We assisted and we assist companies with hundreds and thousands of employees in managing their labor relations, from the individual employment contract to the relations with the trade unions and the public authorities which regulate and supervise this area. In a very regulated sector – the labor code of Romania is particularly rigid and tough for the employers – we pride ourselves for finding appropriate solutions, which are capable of making labor relations more flexible and cutting costs for the employers.

  • Telecommunications and Media Law

    • Telecommunications regulations.
    • Media regulations.
    • IT and technology.

    The communications team is also headed by Mr.Valentin Mircea, a highly respected expert in this area and includes a unique blend of Romanian and foreign specialists: lawyers, economists and engineers – with an in-depth of the legal norms and of the industry.

  • Public procurement and PPP

    Mircea & Partners Law Firm is placed in the first tier of the Romanian law firms with respect to the legal assistance provided in public procurement in Romania, a particularly technical sector. The public procurement team is coordinated by Ms.Catalina Mircea, a lawyer with 15 years of experience in this area.

  • Intelectual Property

    Mircea & Partners Law Firm, through its lawyers and collaborators, provides legal assistance in respect of trade marks and copyright issues, including matters pertaining to the software development and technology and internet-related issues. The team is coordinated by Ms.Raluca Ștefan and benefit of the support of outside specialized counsels.

  • Litigation & Arbitration

    Through lawyers with extensive experience in litigation we assist our clients in solving their business disputes (including those in arbitration or in insolvency cases) in a timely and efficient manner. Our rate of success is litigation matters is close to 90%.