The report, available here
(Romanian only) – is a well made report and contains some interesting points.

We draw the attention, especially, to the calcuation, for the first time, of an index which shows the potential competition in several industries – the aggregated index of competition pressure (IAPC, Romanian acronym – pag.14-28 of the report. The calculations made by the Competition Council indicate that there are ”red flags” in respect of some of these industries. Thus, the undertakings active in the industries which are at the bottom of the scale from the report of the Romanian Competition Council should pay maximum attention to their actions in the market in the upcoming period (at least until the next report, in the fall of 2014).

Operatorii economici activi în industriile aflate în partea de jos a scalei din raportul Consiliului Concurenței ar trebui să fie foarte atenți la comportamentele lor pe piață!